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Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment :  A Handbook of Cultural, Social Science, Management, and Legal Perspectives
Aceh : A New Dawn
A Commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 15: The Right to Freedom of Association and to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly
A Comparative Appraisal of Normative Power
A Critique of Creative Shari'ah Compliance in the Islamic Finance Industry

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Perpustakaan Mahkamah Konstitusi Republik Indonesia adalah Perpustakaan khusus yang mengoleksi informasi tentang Hukum dan Tata Negara, serta informasi yang berkaitan dengannya seperti Politik, Administrasi Negara serta Sejarah dan Biografi.

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Judul : International Human Rights Law and Discrimination Protections
Pengarang : Mpoki Mwakagali
Tahun Terbit : 2018
Kota Terbit : Leiden
Penerbit : Brill
ISBN/ISSN : 9789004345478

Abstraksi :

Non-discrimination is a fundamental principle of international human rights law. This volume discusses the international legal framework on this principle and comparatively elaborates the definition of discrimination as well as the grounds of discrimination in the various general and specialised international human rights treaties, including the International Labour Organisation conventions. The element of special measures as an integral aspect of this principle is also raised. A comparative discussion on the incorporation of international standards on the principle of non-discrimination established in the international treaties in regional as well as national human rights frameworks is also set forth to provide practical illustrations of the application of these standards in more specific and localised perspectives. Selected regional frameworks discussed are the African, American and European human rights regional frameworks and the national frameworks are South Africa and Brazil.

Judul : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Heritage
Pengarang : Edited by Prof. Alexandra Xanthaki
Tahun Terbit : 2017
Kota Terbit : Leiden
Penerbit : Brill
ISBN/ISSN : 9789004342194

Abstraksi :

Indigenous rights to heritage have only recently become the subject of academic scholarship. This collection aims to fill that gap by offering the fruits of a unique conference on this topic organised by the University of Lapland with the help of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The conference made clear that important information on Indigenous cultural heritage has remained unexplored or has not been adequately linked with specific actors (such as WIPO) or specific issues (such as free, prior and informed consent). Indigenous leaders explained the impact that disrespect of their cultural heritage has had on their identity, well-being and development. Experts in social sciences explained the intricacies of indigenous cultural heritage. Human rights scholars talked about the inability of current international law to fully address the injustices towards indigenous communities. Representatives of International organisations discussed new positive developments. This wealth of experiences, materials, ideas and knowledge is contained in this important volume.

Judul : Incitement to Terrorism
Pengarang : Edited by Professor Anne F. Bayefsky
Tahun Terbit : 2018
Kota Terbit : Leiden
Penerbit : Brill
ISBN/ISSN : 9789004359826

Abstraksi :

Incitement to terrorism connects the dots between evil words and evil deeds. Hate precedes terror. History has already taught us that incitement to genocide and to crimes against humanity unchecked will inevitably bring devastation to humankind. Incitement is an affront to the dignity of its victims, and poses a dire threat to all people of good will. However, combating incitement to terrorism poses operational, constitutional and human rights challenges on many fronts, both domestically and internationally. What is incitement? Where should the line be drawn between protected speech and incitement that should be criminalized? Does war change the calculus of what are appropriate and lawful measures to contain and respond to such incitement? And, perhaps most challenging of all, how does social media and the nature of communication and engagement in today’s virtual world change or complicate how we think about and can respond to incitement?

Judul : Immunity of International Organizations
Pengarang : Edited by Niels Blokker and Nico Schrijver
Tahun Terbit : 2015
Kota Terbit : Leiden
Penerbit : Brill
ISBN/ISSN : 9789004296060

Abstraksi :

Immunity for international organizations and their staff, while long considered necessary to their functioning, has fallen under scrutiny and criticism in practice. These contributions, originally prepared for a conference held at Leiden University in June 2013, are re-published here in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the International Organizations Law Review.

Judul : Human Rights Protection by the ECtHR and the ECJ
Pengarang : Elisa Ravasi
Tahun Terbit : 2017
Kota Terbit : Leiden
Penerbit : Brill
ISBN/ISSN : 9789004343696

Abstraksi :

In her manuscript Elisa Ravasi thoroughly analyses the principle of equivalent protection of the ECtHR and subsequently she examines its application in favour of the EU considering whether the presumption of equivalent protection of human rights is still justified.

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